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Get to Know Us

Hello! I am Donna, I have been a Human Resource professional for over 10 years and after working in the corporate world for so long, I decided to be home with my 2 handsome boys. Though the mommy time is wonderful, I wanted to also make my dream a reality and at the same time support my family financially. This led to the inception of Lil' Hyacinths.

While looking for clothes for your little ones you want the best outfits but at an affordable price; as they grow out of it so soon. My aim is to bring the best and stylish clothing with high quality fabric and fabulous designs without burning your pockets.

I strive to find the best suppliers in the country to make these styles available to our customers. Lil' Hyacinths values our customers the most and our motto is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.  

Many of our customers ask us why the name "Lil' Hyacinths". We have 2 answers 1. Children are the most beautiful gift of life and they are like little flowers (Hyacinths) that bloom to be a beautiful being. 2. Hyacinth is the name of our dad/grand dad and by naming this store after him we just wanted to show our love and respect to him.

Thanks for visiting my page and reading my story. Happy Shopping!

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